Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Rosebud and Lace fabric covered beads

While experimenting with my fabric covered beads I discovered I could create a beautifully textured effect by adding cut out pieces from some old brocade anglaise style lace.

I used Fabri-tac to adhere the pieces onto the beads. I think they make  fabulous focal beads  and it has opened up a lot of ideas to experiment with now.


  1. they are really pretty
    I imagine the lace could be dyed as well to add
    more color

  2. Oh, that's a great idea. Thanks for your suggestion!. x

  3. This is a fantastic idea! I would love to feature it on my blog so others can come visit!


  4. You are more than welcome Pearl. I`m sure others will have fun adding something extra to fabric covered beads. I sure did!

  5. Hi back! had to come see your blog and its lovely x