Needle Felting Tutorials

Needle Felted Easter Egg Tutorial - Part One

This is a perfect beginners project You will learn how to make a basic shape, layer colored wool over the top and finally add pattern and surface design.

You will need.
1 size 38 star or triangle  needle felting needle (this is used for most of the shaping).
1 size 40 triangle needle felting needle (this is used for adding detail)
1 foam block to work on.
A variety of colors of wool roving.

In Part one we will make the egg shape and cover it with a color. You can make it all out of one color if you prefer.

1. Take some wool for the core for your shape.

2. Roll the wool on your foam block, tucking in the ends as you go.
Tip. the tighter you roll the wool the less work you have to do with your needle.

3. When you have a basic oval shape start poking with your size 38 needle to bind the wool fibers to each other.

4. Keep poking with your needle until the egg starts to firm up and take shape,  holding the wool while you work.

5. Taper one end by poking more times than the other end with your needle so it starts to take on an egg shape.

6. Once you have something like this you are ready to add the colored wool.

Skip this part if you have chosen to use all one color.

 7. Start wrapping the colored wool around the egg, attaching it with your needle as you go.

8. Wrap again length ways to make sure the egg is totally covered.

9. Keep working with your needle until the fibers are all meshed together and your egg is firm and in shape.

You are now ready to start Part 2 and add your design.

Needle Felted Easter Egg Tutorial - Part Two

I made a few different colors

Now for adding a surface design.

I got my inspiration for this egg from the design on a cookbook cover that is shown in the photo.  I think it will look great on the green.

We will be using a variety of colored wool and our Size 40 triangle needle which is finer and great for detail work.
1. Get all your supplies ready and the image of the pattern you like.

2. Take a small piece of the wool (a little goes further than you think) and start attaching it with your needle. I usually start in the center to keep the wool in place, then work on the outline of the shape so this doesn't move. Then I can really work on attaching the wool securely.

3. Keep on adding to your design. Here you can see the flower I am copying.

4. Shading really adds depth to your design. Here I have started to add a deeper blue to some of the petals. Simple work over the top with your shading color, leaving some of the 1st color showing.

5. Start adding detail to your design once you have the basic shape applied.

6. To add lines twist a piece of wool with your fingers until it looks like string. Then simply lay it where you want it to go and start attaching it with your needle. You can twist it very fine for really intricate detail.

7. Keep on following your design.

8. Here is an example if making fine lines.

9. Fill in your design until it is how you want it to look.

10. When you are finished go over the whole egg with your needle so the background color is flat with your design. 
Tip - You can carefully trim any stray fibers with a pair of scissors

And thats it.

You can put any thing you like as your design. I sometimes copy a design I like or simply make one up.

Have fun felting!